Baby Michael’s Family

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This is a quick blurb about some of Baby Michael’s family members who have all been a huge blessing in Baby Michael’s life.



Courtney is a very proud stay at home mommy. Prior to Baby Michael’s arrival, she was working on her RN. Courtney is a huge fan of anything active, whether it be rollerblading, bicycling, walking, hiking, etc… Courtney has become a huge fan of the Indians. While staying in the NICU, her and ”The Michael’s” watched every game. That is, unless her and Michael Sr. were able to get away for a couple of hours to go to the game in person. Courtney’s favorite players are Jason Kipnis and Travis Hafner. She believes that Michael Brantley looks or “has the mannerisms” of Fredy their very close family friend. Courtney has been fearless in her approach to making sure that Baby Michael gets exactly the care he should. Her relentless drive has had every doctor and nurse on their toes at all times.


Michael Sr is a very proud daddy, who recently transitioned from 8 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps, where he did two tours in Iraq. Michael Sr is a huge fan of anything inactive, whether is be watching movies, researching anything, sleeping, etc… Michael Sr. is a HUGE Cleveland sports fan. Browns, Cavs, and Tribe are an all the time thing for him. In season, off season, it doesn’t matter he’s following his teams. His favorite Indians player is The JK Kid, Jason Kipnis, but Michael Brantley is a beast as well! Michael Sr has been the back bone to Baby Michael’s family. From researching every medication, treatment, and therapy possible to playing liasion between the doctor and Baby Michael’s family. His analytical thinking has led to many positive changes in Baby Michael’s care.

Big Sister


Makayla lives in San Diego, CA but loves her baby brother so much! Makayla loves to participate in dance, t-ball, soccer, and karate. Makayla oddly enough knew that Baby Michael was coming before anyone else did. The day before Courtney had taken her pregnancy test, Makayla was convinced daddy was giving her a little brother or sister. Daddy was shocked by that news as Courtney was told she couldn’t conceive. Low and behold, the next day Courtney found out!